Welcome to Winters Flat Primary School

Welcome to Winters Flat Primary School and our vibrant school community.

Winters Flat Primary School is located on the Western edge of Castlemaine, in a leafy, private, low traffic environment. Our expansive grounds include large playing areas, a fitness track, an oval and two playgrounds, with a much loved feature being our beautiful, heritage listed grove of Valonia oaks.

Students are the central focus in our learning community which has a strong commitment to promoting high levels of student literacy and numeracy achievement, addressing the diverse needs of students, and providing programs which support and protect the welfare of all.

The school has completed significant building and grounds improvements, including a modern 6 classroom facility which also includes open learning neighbourhoods, indoor toilets and an art space. We are a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden School, with a philosophy of promoting an “Edible Schoolyard”. Sustainability is a feature of our practice. 

It is our vision “To create an inclusive school community where students develop the academic, physical, social, emotional, creative and moral skills that are the foundation for success in life. We are a school that celebrates diversity and promotes a deep respect for the environment and for each other.

This vision acknowledges our commitment to the SPACE approach to education, which values the following dimensions of each child’s growth: Social, Physical, Academic, Creative and Emotional.

Our values are:

  1. Care for Self
  2. Care for Others
  3. Care for the Environment

These values are embedded into all of our school practices, and are a key component of our Positive Behaviour Support program.

Winters Flat Primary School offers a broad Prep to Grade Six curriculum underpinned by the Victorian Curriculum. Programs are co-ordinated on a department and whole school basis, in order to ensure continuity of experiences for children throughout their seven years of primary schooling at Winters Flat. The teaching staff is mostly organised in teams – Junior, Middle, Senior and Specialists. The grouping of teachers facilitates the implementation of a well planned and consistent curriculum. The home group programs are supported by specialist classes in art and physical education (P-6), as well as the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program for students in Grades 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Major cross curricula foci at Winters Flat are sustainability and indigenous education. Our school has achieved a Five Star rating within the Victorian Government’s Resource Smart program and we have received numerous awards for our sustainability initiatives. We also enjoy strong partnerships with our local indigenous community. These partnerships assist us to run an annual whole school ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremony at the start of each year and also enables Koorie students to take part in the ‘Meeting Place’, an indigenous education program.

To support these programs, Winters Flat has developed a comprehensive Pupil Welfare and Behaviour Management plan underpinned by the philosophies of the Positive Behaviour Support Program. Student Leadership is a feature of our school; we encourage and support our student voice to be heard through an extensive program involving Community Leaders, Curriculum Leaders, Health Leaders and Koorie and Cultural Leaders. This is emphasised through the school's commitment to "Achieving Success Together.”

Our school’s current Strategic Plan runs from 2016-2018, and the key strategic goals we are pursuing through this plan are:

  • To improve the teaching and learning of literacy and numeracy across the whole school.
  • To develop a culture of high expectations of teaching and learning through the implementation of a consistent teaching approach and reflective practices
  • To build highly motivated students who are accountable for and value their learning
  • To establish a culture of collective accountability
  • To implement sound resourcing strategies which will ensure improved outcomes for students.

Welcome to our school.