Dear families


Looking after our mental health during these times of social distancing/isolation is important and can be difficult to do, when having to stay at home with minimal external supports. Hopefully a mix of outdoor time, social connection via technology and some sort of home based routine (including doing things you enjoy) will help you get through these times.  


I will be available on Tuesday’s and Thursdays from 9-2pm for phone sessions and potentially webex sessions with individual students and/or families if requested. Also if you would like activities to support wellbeing please contact me.  


Just a reminder that the Smiling Mind app is a free. It provides mindfulness and meditation tools to support healthy minds and to help prevent mental illness. The app has  programs for  kids and youth,  adults, families, classrooms and work.



Smiling Mind have developed  new program for adults to help stay connected and foster good mental health habits during the  coronavirus:



Useful websites to discuss COVD-19


Free remote wellbeing resources, organised by age group



Nature based activities support students physical and mental health and wellbeing being active in the fresh air. Nature based bingo supports children’s curiosity and exploration in the natural world around them. Why not have a game with the family!

Nature Bingo



Bugs and Insects Yoga Poster

Earth Day Yoga Poster

Cinco de Mayo Yoga Poster

Unicorn Yoga Poster


Circus Yoga Poster