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FLAT CHAT | 25th November 2020

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FLAT CHAT | 25th November 2020


The SWPBS student Implementation Team have voted on behalf of their classes for the Care Crows reward system which will be the Bronze, Silver and Gold Feathers. These will be tokens offered to students who are observed upholding the school values of Care for Self, Care for Others and Care for the Environment.

The student implementation team meet with me every two weeks to discuss how students are tracking in various settings around the school. Once we have the token system established there will also be incentives (as chosen by students) that the tokens can be exchanged for. We hope to have this ready to run in Term 1 2021.

We recently surveyed students, staff and parents about Playground Safety. Gathering data is an integral part in implementing School Wide Positive Behaviour. Staff are encouraged to record all student behaviour incidents in Xuno and the implementation teams are collecting and interpreting student behaviour data to determine the priorities for prevention and close monitoring when patterns emerge.

The teams are also working on an Action Plan to commence with the 2021 school year. The roll out of SWPBS usually takes 2-3 years. Last term we took part in 4 remote sessions of initial (Universal) team training and I am completing the Team Leader session this term.  

We are focusing on using kind, respectful language to classmates and adults (Care for Others) for the remainder of this term and will be encouraging all students to think about how they speak to others and the words they use.



As you are aware the Department of Education and Training release regular updates through the Operation Guides on how schools respond to current Covid restrictions. We are waiting for latest update and we will inform you of any changes.



Faith – 10 in the fourth week of November

Ryan– 7 in the fourth week of November

Jaya – 6 in the fourth week of November

Brax – 7 in the fourth week of November

Karen B – in the fourth week of November

Sylvie H- in the fifth week of November

Anne – in the fifth week of November

Hip Hip:  Hooray

Hip Hip:  Hooray

Hooray: Hip Hip



Thanks to Edd Blaise for painting the basketball backboards. Resounding appreciation from the regular basketballers who have all agreed it’s a great improvement!


With weeding we mainly need to focus on the teardrop garden, the veggie patch and the beds outside the music room.

We would love families to consider working their own patches here at school after hours in a socially distant, COVID safe manner with:

  • weeding (byo gloves and tools)
  • brush-cutting (byo brush cutter)
  • sweeping (byo broom/leaf blower)

We’re also looking for expressions of interest in:

  • painting – covering graffiti
  • painting – old building near chook run – this is a big job but with a ‘bit by bit’ approach we can do it (2021)

If you can spare the time and energy for these jobs please contact the B & G coordinator Blair Venn at or contact us if you notice something that needs attention.

Suzanne Kinnersly



With three and a half weeks left before the end of term, a reminder about fees and camp payments that are overdue. Please contact Karen in the office for any enquiries.


Parent Payments (Fees & Levies) 2021

During the week, your child will receive a letter explaining what school costs will be charged for 2021.  Please be aware that there are Essential Items, Optional items & Voluntary Contributions. These costs will be associated with your child’s grade level and the response will need to be returned to school by Monday 7th December to give us enough time to make the necessary arrangements for next year.  Payment is appreciated by the end of Term 1. If you have any questions about this letter, please contact Karen in the office or email the school account


Being SunSmart

At this time of year, please remind your child/children to wear their hat anytime they are outside; whether that be walking to and from school, playing in the yard before/after school, as well as during recess and lunch.
We also suggest children arrive at school with sunscreen already on. They can top up during the day with the sunscreen dispensers we have at school, or if you prefer, they can have their own sunscreen in their bag. 


Key dates

  • Monday 23-Friday 27th November:
    • Book fair (see the event below for specifics).
  • Friday 27th November:
    • Book Week Dress Up Day
  • Friday 4th December:
    • Grade 6 Bike Hike 1
  • Tuesday 8th December:
    • State-wide Transition Day (Info for Grade 6s to come).
  • Friday 11th December:
    • Grade 6 Bike Hike 2
  • Monday 14th December:
    • Mango orders arrive at school this week.
  • Wednesday 16th December:
    • Reports available on XUNO (Hard copies on request).
  • Friday 18th December
    • Last day of term- 1:30pm finish. (Please note early dismissal)

Karen Mahoney & Renae Wilson


Tea Towel Fundraiser

Our tea towels have arrived!! Thank you to all those who ordered and suppported our school. Tea towels have been distributed.


Mango Fundraiser

Congratulations to our winners of the $100 Stoneman's Book Voucher- Claire Reynolds and Cameron Frost! 

All Mangoes ordered will arrive at our school in the last week of term (14th-18th December). More details regarding specific date and pick up details will be listed in our last Flat Chat for the year (9th December).



The Fundraising Subcommittee


P/1 J | Nova B

For showing Care for Self by working hard on all activities and challenging herself to her best. Top effort!

P/1 J | Oliver K

For showing Care for Self by working hard to achieve his best and persisting to complete tasks. A great effort this week Oliver!


1/2 A | Haylee Y

For showing Care for Self by always having such a positive attitude during all school activities. Great work Haylee!

1/2A | Lily W

For showing Care for Others by being a great help in the classroom. Thank you Lily!

2/3W | Aurora A

For showing Care for Self by showing initative and commitment to your learning, by choosing to write poetry at home. Well done Aurora.

2/3W | Seth B

For showing Care for Self and Others by being a caring and responsible class representative on the SWPBS team. Thank you Seth.


Amelia B

Kirah-Jayne M

Detroit V

For showing great Care for Self and Others when presenting your water safety session to P/1J. Your ability to adapt and go with the flow for the presentation, showed a great level of maturity and kindness. I was very proud of you. Well done.


Kade C

Neve D

Daisy G

Zahyra W

For showing Care for Self and others by working fantastically throughout the week in class, during gardening with Terry and cooking with Jane. You have all shown great enthusiasm, tried your best and offered help to others. Well done!


Jess D

For showing Care for Others. Thank you Jess for your invaluable 'chick hatching' expertise. Your informative, 'no fuss', 'get in and get the job done', 'unflappability' is a great asset to our class project. Thank you.


Lila D

For showing Care for Self. Congratulations Lila on your wonderful attitude. You consistently use your initiative throughout the day, benefiting both yourself and our class, by seeing the things that to be done and just doing them! Go future you!


What we're cooking in the kitchen this week...

Asparagus & Feta Frittata

Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta

Spicy Couscous

Hand-Cut Pasta with Seasonal Greens & Herbs Tossed in Olive Oil


Remember, all our recipes are available on our school website, so you can try them at home.


And what we're harvesting from the garden...

All the various types of herbs in the garden.


Volunteers please

Please contact the office if you are able to help with the watering over the School Holiday period (19th December-27th January). 

**No chickens are currently at the school.


Aussie Backyard Bird Count


In October, students participated in the Aussie Backyard Bird Count which is a project of BirdLife Australia. Our very own citizen scientists found the following birds at Winters Flat.


Australian Magpie

Australian Raven

Australian White Ibis

Black-eared Cuckoo

Brown Treecreeper

Crimson Rosella

Eastern Rosella


Grey Fantail

Grey Shrike-thrush

House Sparrow


Musk Lorikeet

Peaceful Dove

Red-rumped Parrot

Red Wattlebird

Speckled Warbler

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

Swift Parrot

White-faced Heron

Willie Wagtail

Yellow-faced Honeyeater


Jane & Terry
Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Book Fair Now On!

As we are currently not allowed parent/guardians on site, unfortunately you will not be able to attend the Book Fair with your child/ren. Therefore, the following will happen this week:

  • Each class will visit the Book Fair in an allotted time during school hours.
  • Students will fill out a 'student wishlist', which they will bring home for you.
  • Please see below for instructions for payment.
  • Students will also be participating in a 'virtual incursion' the week of the Book Fair, with their class. Approval and payment can be made on XUNO, or see the note attached which your child/ren can bring to the office with payment.
  • We will also be having a no cost dress-up day on the last day of the week, Friday 27th November, in which we are encouraging all students to dress up as their favourite Book Week character.

See below for the 'eggcellent' comic strips the Grade 6's have been working on. Their amazing work will also be published in the 'Newshounds' section of Castlemaine Mail this Friday so look out for that!


Thank you

Thank you to the Old Castlemaine Schoolboys Association for their donations of $100 voucher for Stoneman's Bookroom.

Below are some of the books purchased with the voucher.



Get into the spirit of Christmas with a colouring competition, or get active and play some Adventure Bingo and enjoy the beautiful sights Castlemaine has to offer! 



Bookings are now open for the YMCA Summer School Holiday Programs!

The link to the program is:



With its recent Rainbow Tick Accreditation CHIRP Community Health aims to maintain its strong support of the local LGBTIQA+ community.

A Survey Monkey has been generated by Sherene Clow in her Working For Victoria role as LGBTIQA+ Engagement Officer as a means to ascertain what the local LGBTIQA+ community members would like to see happen to foster community connection and social support.

CHIRP CH is encouraging anyone who identifies as LGBTIQA+ to take a couple of minutes to fill in this quick 10 question survey.

“Don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list as well to stay informed as to what is happening in this space,” Sherene said.

Find the survey here






There is also currently a colouring competition running at the school in which you can win a prize of a free family pass to The Elf Academy for up to six people (valued at $80). Copies of the colouring page available here or at the office.




ClickView and Aussie Inventions That Changed the World

During Term 4 2020, we’re running a nationwide search for Australia’s next generation of inventors. Introducing the Aussie Student Inventions Competition! With the help of some of Australia’s leading innovators, we’re giving you the chance to pitch and showcase your inventions to our panel of experts. Within each category (primary, lower secondary, senior secondary, TAFE and university), there are incredible prizes up for grabs for the most impressive submissions. You’ll have the opportunity to receive mentoring and guidance from our panel, to help make your concept or prototype a reality.

To help guide you in your quest, we’ve partnered with the producers of Aussie Inventions That Changed The World, to give you a better understanding of why we invent things. Your submitted invention can be any type, size or functionality. It could solve a problem, make life more interesting or just be incredibly cool!



Adventure Bingo

Residents are encouraged to get physically active across the Loddon Campaspe region while having some fun at the same time by taking part in Adventure Bingo - a new initiative from the Healthy Heart of Victoria.

Adventure Bingo invites residents to collect or download an Adventure Bingo booklet and participate in one of six walks in each of the participating local government areas. Through the initiative participants spot points of interest listed in the booklet during their walk and once they’ve spotted three items in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line, they’ve got Bingo.

The Mount Alexander Shire Adventure Bingo walk is a Castlemaine city circuit starting at Victory Park on the corner of Barker and Mostyn Streets. Bingo booklets are available for free at Castlemaine Visitor Information Centre and Castlemaine Library or here.

As part of the initiative, a series of weekly prize draws will be conducted from Monday 23 November to Sunday 13 December, where residents who submit a photo of their completed Bingo card to will go into the draw to win sporting equipment. Participants can also upload a photo of themselves at one of the sites on their Bingo card to Facebook and tag Healthy Heart of Victoria to enter a special photo prize draw.

Other Adventure Bingo walks are located in Rochester, Maryborough, Bendigo, Wedderburn and Kyneton. The names of winners will be announced each week on the @Heathy Heart of Victoria Facebook page.

Find competition terms and conditions at

Download the Adventure Bingo Castlemaine City Walk map here.

Download the Healthy Heart of Victoria Adventure Bingo booklet for the Loddon Campaspe region here.