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FLAT CHAT | 11th November 2020

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FLAT CHAT | 11th November 2020


The 2020 school photos will be sent home with students who have ordered them today.  There is still an opportunity to order prints (see details attached).



The survey closes this Friday. As you know this Department of Education and Training survey is an efficient way to collect your feedback to determine future priorities for the school. This year we have opened the survey to all families but so far we have only received 10 responses. We sent out the personalised link again today – it should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance.



It might feel like our parent surveys are out of control at the moment but posing questions in this format gives us really important data to plan for programs and strategies.

In the coming days we will be sending a link to a google form with 4 quick questions.

A pen and paper version is available if required.



Our Prep Transition program commences next week and will run for four weeks until Tuesday 8th December. Details of Prep transition dates have been sent to families.

The Year 6 Graduation is scheduled for Wednesday 16th December. We will update parents about the format closer to the date, bearing in mind COVID safe rules will be adhered to according to the most up to date School Operations Guide released by the Department of Education and Training.



Ash – 8 in the second week of November

Levi – 10 in the second week of November

Atticus A – 6 in the second week of November


Hip Hip:  Hooray

Hip Hip:  Hooray

Hooray: Hip Hip



We mainly need to focus on the teardrop garden, the veggie patch and the beds outside the music room.  The grass is long near the horse paddock and some brush cutting down there would be great!

We would love families to consider working their own patches here at school after hours in a socially distant, COVID safe manner with:

  • weeding (byo gloves and tools)
  • brush-cutting (byo brush cutter)
  • sweeping (byo broom/leaf blower)

We’re also looking for expressions of interest in:

  • painting – covering graffiti
  • painting – basketball backboard (thanks to Alastair and Edd for volunteering)
  • painting – old building near chook run – this is a big job but with a ‘bit by bit’ approach we can do it (2021)

If you can spare the time and energy for these jobs please contact the B & G coordinator Blair Venn at or contact us if you notice something that needs attention.

Suzanne Kinnersly


Parent Opinion Survey- Closes this Friday!

The Parent Opinion Survey is an annual survey offered by the Department of Education and Training that is conducted amongst all parents.

All parents are invited to participate in this year’s survey, and information was sent home to parents via email (sent again today). All responses to the survey are anonymous. 

The survey is conducted online, only takes 20 minutes to complete, and can be accessed at any convenient time within the fieldwork period on desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones.


Water bottle

A reminder that students need to please bring a water bottle with them to school each day.


Head Lice

It has come to our attention that some students in the school may have head lice and we seek your cooperation in checking your child's hair.

If head lice or eggs are found in your child's hair, please inform:

  • The school, and advise when the treatment has started, via the Action Taken Form (available via the office).
  • Parents or carers of your child’s friends so they too have the opportunity to detect and treat their children if necessary.

Health regulations requires that where a child has head lice, that child should not return to school until the day after appropriate treatment has started. Please note, this refers only to those children who have live head lice and does not refer to head lice eggs.

Winters Flat Primary School is aware that head lice can be a sensitive issue and is committed to maintaining your confidentiality.



Starting this week, Sam's PE classes will be participating in Hockey. This will take place during school time and there is no cost involved.


2021 Somers Camp

Every two years, our school is offered a limited number of places at the Department of Education and Trainings Somers School Camp. Next year, our allotted time is from 02/03/2021 until the 10/03/2021. 

Children who gain selection from our school will join with 160 Grade 5 and 6 children from our school district in this very special Outdoor Education and Personal Development program.

The fee for the camp is $260 and must be paid in full before children can attend. The fee includes transport, accommodation, meals and pocket money.

If you would like your Grade 5 or 6 child to attend please fill in the expression of interest form attached and return it to the office by 20/11/20.

Names will be selected at random however consideration of behaviour and social skills must be taken into account. 

If you have any questions please contact Karen Mahoney in the office.


Key dates

  • Friday 20th November:
    • Grade 6 Graduation Owls orders due.
    • 2021 Grade 6 T-Shirt orders due. 
  • Monday 23-Friday 27th November:
    • Book fair (see below).
  • Friday 27th November:
    • Book Week Dress Up Day
  • Friday 18th December
    • Last day of term- 2:30pm finish.

Book Fair

This year our Book Fair will run from Monday 23rd-Friday 27th November. As we are currently not allowed parent/guardians on site, unfortunately you will not be able to attend the Book Fair with your child/ren. Therefore, we will have images and clips of the Book Fair on our socials and website and the following will happen:

  • Each class will visit the Book Fair in an allotted time during school hours.
  • Students will fill out a 'student wishlist', which they will bring home for you.
  • Please see below for instructions for payment.

  • Students will also be participating in a 'virtual incursion' the week of the Book Fair, with their class. Approval and payment can be made on XUNO, or see the note attached which your child/ren can bring to the office with payment.
  • We will also be having a no cost dress-up day on the last day of the week, Friday 27th November, in which we are encouraging all students to dress up as their favourite Book Week character.


P/1J Artwork

Last week, P/1J students went on a nature walk. When they got back to the classroom, they discussed what they had seen and drew these lovely pictures of the local Flora. 



Karen Mahoney & Renae Wilson



P/1 J | Athene G

For showing Care for Others by always being a cooperative and caring member of our class. Thank you for everything you do!

P/1 J | Rex S

For showing Care for Others by being a kind and helpful friend to others. Well done Rex and thank you for everything you do!

1/2 A | Lola G

For showing Care for Others by being patient, kind and encouraging to others who are having trouble in group activities. Thank you Lola.

1/2A | Eisa P

For showing Care for Others by always being willing to help and encourage others. Thank you Eisa.

2/3W | Atticus B

For showing Care for Self by getting involved in learning activities and completing set tasks. Well done Atti, keep up the great work.

2/3W | Frankie G

For showing Care for Self by working quietly and steadily to complete tasks. Well done for concentrating and persisting Frankie.


The whole class of 4/5L

For showing Care for Self and Others. The positive attitude that everyone went to camp with was outstanding. I love the enthusiasm, positivity and growth mindset that everyone approached all the activities with. The part that I found most enjoyable and was proud of was, how you all created a caring and supportive environment for each other. Well done on being so amazing!!!


Indigo F

For showing Care for Others. Thank you Indi for the care and guidance you showed towards younger students in our SAKGP groups. Your leadership and inclusion was greatly appreciated.


Ryan B

For showing Care for Others. Thank you Ryan for the strong, caring leadership that you display in our classroom. You are a strong influence amongst your peers and a great role model for others, always willing to jump into your work or to lend others a hand.


What we're cooking in the kitchen this week...

Broad Bean Dip

Rosemary Lavosh

Butter Bean Salad

Stephanie's Simple Roast Vegetables

Banana bread


Remember, all our recipes are available on our school website, so you can try them at home.


And what we're harvesting from the garden...


Leafy greens


Broad Beans





Jane & Terry
Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Thank you

Thank you to all the families who ordered Tea Towels and Mangoes.

We will keep you updated via email/XUNO and our socials when they will be ready for pick up.



The Fundraising Subcommittee

Over the past few weeks I have taken a number of walks with individual children around the oval to support wellbeing and to hear their stories. I have found that  walking in a wide open space in  nature stimulates thought, new ideas, curiosity and conversation. As a school community we are so lucky to have access to this space as well as our wonderful food garden.

There have been a number of resources developed over the past few months related to mindfulness and parenting from reputable organisations such as Smiling mind and the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF).

ACF – Thoughtful Parenting – Keeping Children in Mind has nine chapters covering the following topics:

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 What is parenting about today?

Chapter 3 What is your parenting story?

Chapter 4 Your child’s brain development

Chapter 5 How do you tune into your child?

Chapter 6 Balancing expectations with your child’s needs

Chapter 7 Parenting brothers and sisters

Chapter 8 How do you enjoy your child?

Chapter 9 Conclusion

Smiling Mind has developed a Families Program covering topics:

On the go


After School


Meal Times

Any Time


Whilst there is no one guide that fits all, hopefully there may be even just one or two activities or tips in these resources that may support your family.


Take care,


Wellbeing Officer

The Asthma First Aid App is your go-to tool for an asthma emergency. It covers both first aid in the event of an asthma emergency, plus the ability to review each of the four first aid steps.

This app is an educational tool developed by Asthma Australia for people with asthma, their families and carers. It provides easy access to the asthma first aid steps in both live and training versions.

The app is perfect for family, friends, school, childcare, sport and recreation and allows you to:

  • follow the asthma first aid steps live in ATTACK mode
  • learn the asthma first aid steps in training review mode
  • review the asthma first aid steps, using a sample of scenarios, in training scenario mode

Download from Google Play Store

Download from Apple App Store


In the lead up to Skin Cancer Action Week Nov 15-21 – see the following information:

What is UV?
Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a type of energy produced by the sun and some artificial sources, such as solariums.
The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the main cause of skin cancer. UV damage also causes sunburn, tanning, premature ageing and eye damage.
UV radiation isn’t like the sun’s light or heat, which we can see and feel. Your senses cannot detect UV radiation, so you won’t notice the damage until it has been done.

The UV Index
The World Health Organization's Global Solar UV Index measures UV levels on a scale from 0 (Low) to 11+ (Extreme).
Sun protection is recommended when UV levels are 3 (Moderate) or higher.

Sun protection times
The sun protection times show when UV levels are forecast to be 3 or higher.
You can find the sun protection times for your location on the free SunSmart app.
Click on the SunSmart widget  to see today’s UV levels are  in your local area or visit the Bureau of Meteorology website .

ALWAYS:  During the sun protection times remember to protect your skin and eyes by using covering clothing, sunscreen, a hat, shade and sunglasses. Don’t just wait for hot and sunny weather







World Kindness Day- Friday 13th November



We've designed a fun kindness challenge to help make kindness the norm™ at home & in your neighborhood. Your challenge (if you choose to accept it) is to complete a series of kindness activities to fill in 60 'hearts'. Each act of kindness is worth one, two or three 'hearts' based on how challenging they are: one-heart activities are quick and easy, two-heart activities are more involved, and three-heart activities are challenging & will take more time

There's a good mix of activities: various random acts of kindness meant to be done in your home & neighborhood, writing prompts, self-care activities and fun coloring pages too. You choose which activities to do and when to do them—so no pressure. Just do the ones that sound fun to you.

Can you complete the challenge & fill in all 60 hearts?




Get Active Kids Voucher Program

The Victorian Government has announced $45.2 million in funding to support participation in community and school sports in 2021.

The funding initiative will comprise of two programs:

  • the $24.2 million Active Schools initiative
  • the $21 million Get Active Kids Voucher Program.

Together, the two programs will work to increase opportunities for Victorian kids and teens to move more and sit less as part of a supporting the joint strategy between the Ministers for Education, Community Sport and Health to create active schools, active kids and active communities.

To support community sport participation, families will be eligible for vouchers to help support their children get involved in organised activities as part of the Get Active Kids Voucher Program.

Under the program, up to 100,000 children will be eligible for $200 vouchers to help with the cost of sports equipment, uniforms or memberships.

Sport and Recreation Victoria will announce eligibility criteria and details on how families can apply for funding over the coming months.