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FLAT CHAT | 16th September 2020

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FLAT CHAT | 16th September 2020


It was great to hear the news that schools in regional Victoria are returning to onsite learning from Monday 5th October. Following yesterday’s announcement we’re going with a staggered return as follows:

Day 1. Monday 5th October: Family name A-K only

Day 2. Tuesday 6th October: Family name L-Z only

Day 3. Wednesday 7th October ALL students back at school

Parents who are concerned about children feeling anxious about coming back to school are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher to arrange an orientation/transition back to school. Belle has also included some additional resurces in her wellbeing news article this week.

We are really excited that the students will be back again. We’ve missed them all very much. In the meantime have a safe and happy holiday!



If you have an idea for a new Care Crows token-name and/or logo please submit to:

Watch this space for new concepts.



If you or someone you know has a child who is ready to commence Prep or another year level here at Winters Flat PS next year, we have enrolment packs at the office or you can access online via our website.



CJ - 12 in the third week of September

Felix - 11 in the third week of September

Sara- 11 in the third week of September

Harry - in the third week of September

Karen M - in the third week of September

Lily W – 8 in the fourth week of September

Zephyr - 12 in the fifth week of September

Dom - 12 in the fifth week of September

Hip Hip:  Hooray

Hip Hip:  Hooray

Hooray: Hip Hip



As you can imagine with the restricted access to school in recent months we have had limited ability to carry out the jobs that need doing around the school. Whilst our ‘To do’ list is very long, there are some jobs which will make a huge difference as students return to on-site learning. We would love families to consider working their own patches here at school in a COVID safe manner with:

  • weeding (byo gloves and tools)
  • brush-cutting (byo brush cutter)
  • sweeping (byo brooms)

These jobs are the focus for school holidays. Everything is growing like crazy in this spring weather. If you can spare the time and energy in the next two weeks, please contact the B & G coordinator Blair Venn at and he will allocate a space for you to work safely. As always we are very grateful for any time you can spare.



To all Winters Flat families for the perseverance, resilience and good humour you’ve shown this term. We hope you have felt connected to the school during the period of remote and flexible learning and look forward to the time when we can have everyone back to see our amazing school campus.

Thanks also to Karen and Renae who have kept things ticking along this term, as well as updating our social media and thanks to Jane and Terry for the kitchen and garden updates.

Happy holidays to all.


Suzanne Kinnersly


Key Dates

*Printable calendar version available here

*Accurate at time of publication. Other dates may arise.


Thursday 17th September- Curriculum Day (no students at school/no WebEx’s)

Friday 18th September- Last Day of term, 2:30pm finish.


Monday 5th October- Term 4 begins for students whose surname starts with A-K (they don't attend the Tuesday)

Tuesday 6th October- Term 4 begins for students whose surname starts with L-Z (they don't attend the Monday)

Wednesday 7th October- All students back at school 

Thursday 22nd October- School Photo Day

Friday 23rd October- Grand Final Day Public Holiday

Friday 30th October- Mango Orders due


Monday 2nd November- Curriculum Day (no students at school)

Tuesday 3rd November- Melbourne Cup Public Holiday


Friday 18th December- Last Day of term, 2:30pm finish.


School Laptops

Please return school laptops in the first week of Term 4. Please bring laptops and chargers to the office


School Photos

School Photos are booked in for Thursday 22nd October. Please ensure your child/children wear full school uniform on this day. Order forms will be handed out when students are back next term.


Swimming Program and Camps

Due to restrictions and time constraints, swimming has been cancelled for Term 4. The swimming program will run again in 2021.

At this stage, we are waiting for confirmation on dates for the 2/3 Camp and 4/5/6 Camp and whether they can go ahead. More information to come.


CSEF eligibility date extended

CSEF eligibility for Term 2 (up to Tuesday 14 April 2020) has been extended so that and families holding a valid means-tested concession card or temporary foster parents are eligible for CSEF up to 5 October 2020.
Payments for students eligible between Wednesday 15 April and Monday 5 October 2020 will be made at 50 per cent of the standard primary and secondary per student rates.
The CSEF system will open again for new applications from Monday 5 October, with the submission date extended to Friday 27 November.

CSEF can now be used for voluntary school charges, books and stationery costs in 2020. It cannot be used for school uniforms, or compulsory school fees.


Mango Fundraiser

The Winters Flat Primary School Mango Fundraiser is on again this year.  Once again, we will be sourcing our mangoes direct from the grower in QLD, and having them delivered straight to our school as soon as the crop is ready.  It doesn’t get much fresher than that!

The family that sells the most trays will receive a $100 book voucher.

Make sure you complete and return this form, together with payment, to Winters Flat Primary School office by Friday 30th October, 2020

Mangoes should be ready for collection from the school during the week commencing the 7th December, but we will confirm the arrival date in Flat Chat, email and via our social media sites.



School Hats

School hats will need to be worn when students are back on-site next term. This links back to our 'Care for Self' Care Crow. Hats are available for purchase at the office for $14.


Sushi Orders to return

Sushi orders will return next term. Remember that all Sushi orders are now done online at with orders needing to be placed by 5pm on Thursday. 


Premiers Reading Challenge

The challenge ends this Friday 18th September so please make sure all books are entered before Friday. Any questions, email the office on


Remote Learning Photos

Thank you for all the fabulous photos that were sent through over Remote Learning. We can't wait to see all students back on-site next term!


Karen Mahoney & Renae Wilson




This term saw the introduction of various mindfulness practices for the Grade 6’s. Over six weeks, this included using various sensory experiences to help focus the mind on the present moment to support awareness of self, concentration and focus, as well as using mindfulness as a way of coping with worry and anxiety. Some of the topics included:

  • What is mindfulness?
  • Recognising signs of stress and how mindfulness can help
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Body Scan
  • Sensory activities including playdough, bubbles, candles, music and rice.
  • Mindfulness Colouring In
  • Cup Rhythm exercises
  • Making a stress ball
  • Safe space imagery and drawing

Using a variety of activities helps support children to identify different practices they resonate with so they can use them to support regulating emotions and increase wellbeing.


Smiling mind CARE PACKS for primary school children

Smiling mind has developed CARE PACKS to support primary school children’s wellbeing (5-7 year olds, 8-10 year olds and 11-12 year olds).  Each CARE PACK has three sections:

  • Recognising and Managing Emotions
  • Looking after Worry & Anxiety
  • Focusing on the positives

Click on the links below to obtain the relevant CARE PACK for your child:

5-7 Years Old

8-10 Years Old

11-12 Years Old


ACF research on the Impact of CVID-19 on children and parents

The Australian Childhood foundation released research into the impacts of COVID-19 on children and parents,

A Lasting Legacy – The impact of COVID-19 on children and parents”

Joe Tucci, Janise Mitchell and Lauren Thomas

August 2020

This research has highlighted the need for a renewed focus on addressing parental well-being and supporting families. They navigate their way through the pandemic and results point to the critical need for ongoing support of children, young people and parents. You can read the report here:


Back to school anxiety during COVID-19

Whilst many children may be excited about returning to school, there may also be anxiety about separating from being at home for so long, the uncertainty about the future and how to reconnect with friends.  Below is an article to support back to school anxiety:


Take care,


Wellbeing Officer


P/1 J | The whole class

For showing Care for Self by doing such a great job at Home Learning this term. We are all excited to see you again next term!


1/2 A | The whole class

For showing Care for Self by doing such a great job at Home Learning this term. We can’t wait to have you back at school soon! 


2/3W | The whole class

For showing Care for Self by working so hard this term during Remote Learning. Looking forward to us all being back together soon!



Huckle S

For showing great Care for Self and Others during our Math groups meeting by looking to share your thinking and understandings of different topics. Well done on being awesome.


Riley F

For showing great Care for Self and Others during our Math groups meeting by looking to share your thinking and understandings of different topics. Well done on being awesome.


Nate L

For showing great Care for Self and Care for the Environment with the amazing garden you have grown! Already enjoying the fruits of your labours! What an effort to create such a large Wicking Garden and to get it to this stage already. School work AND the garden- boy you have been productive during Remote Learning! Congratulations, you must be very proud.


Sylvie N

For showing great Care for Self and Others. Thank you for your hard work, organisation and commitment to your learning throughout the entire year, and especially during the remote learning periods that we have experienced. You are always present, willing to help others and producing work of high quality. It is clear that you value your learning and the pride in your work reflects this. GREAT work  ethic Sylvie.



To all grade 6 students of Winters Flat Primary School.

I wanted to acknowledge here the work of each and every one of you during RL2.0. Everyone of you has faced challenges, problem solved and put a great effort into continuing your learning journey. Whether you have learnt something about yourself, the world we live in or developed a particular skill, you have all shown great resilience, flexibility and perserverence. Thank you for a great adventure. Can't wait to see you all back at school. Congratulations

'Diggers' Magazine

The 'Diggers Club' is Australia's largest gardening club and we were lucky enough to be featured in the Spring Garden issue of the 'Diggers' magazine!

SAKG Cooking Competition

Do your kids have a favourite recipe that they love to cook? Send it in to WIN some great prizes! 

One lucky winner and two runners-up will win an exciting prize pack from the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation and Coles.

Plus, the winning recipe will feature in the February 2021 issue of the Coles magazine!

To enter, visit


Jane & Terry

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden




In the interest of keeping music alive during the Covid-19 crisis, DSE Music Tuition are giving access to a full term of both piano & guitar lessons - 100% FREE to every student across Victoria, no catch, no conditions.  

My wife & I have watched our friends, family and students financially affected (to varying degrees) by Covid-19 and although we are suffering too, we wanted to contribute something joyful to students in our wonderful state. 

We have taken the decision to give away the complete first term of our beginner program of 10 x streamed video lessons in piano or guitar, completely free, no catch, no conditions. 

What people really need right now is something that costs nothing, is educational and entertaining, that can be done from the comfort and safety of your own home.  We realised that we have that thing and whilst considerable cost and effort went into creating it, that gifting it may be a small way that we can positively contribute in a scary & difficult time. 

The lessons are streamed video lessons via our streaming platform, can be watched on any device (smart TV, desktop, laptop, tablet or phone) and include additional learning material (sheet music, audio files, etc). 

We want to stress, this is complete term or level of tuition, this is not half of a lesson then you hit a pay wall to see the rest.  It is the first (or beginner) set of 10 lessons in piano or guitar, unrestricted in any way.  If you can get your hands on a guitar, keyboard or piano (or even if you can’t), its all yours free… to everyone, everywhere. 

All that we ask is that you share the information with your schools families via Compass, See Saw or whatever your school uses. These lessons are appropriate and free for everyone regardless of age, gender or location. Everyone deserves the gift of music! 

Link to access free lessons: or call a human on 0416 586 483 

Thank you, 

Drew & Shari 


0416 586 483

DSE Music Tuition is a leading musical education provider & music school based in Victoria servicing Victorian schools with instrumental music.