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FLAT CHAT | 19th August 2020

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FLAT CHAT | 19th August 2020


Two weeks in and I would like to congratulate our students and families for adapting so quickly to the reality of school at the moment. I would also like to acknowledge the amazing effort of staff in compiling and delivering care and work packs to the students working from home, in addition to the daily contact established through WebEx. Furthermore I would like to express my thanks to staff and students working on-site.



Last week ISV (Independent Schools Victoria) announced the winners of its inaugural poetry competition, which was open to students of all ages at all schools across Victoria.

The winners were judged from more than 300 entries from students from Prep to year 12, enrolled in Independent, Government and Catholic schools, as well as some who are home-schooled.

Students were asked to write on any subject, with the optional theme of ‘Hope’. We congratulate Polly T (1/2A) who submitted and received an honourable mention for her poem: Good Night. Well done Polly!

A reminder that the Castlemaine Poetry Prize supported by the Castlemaine Mail, Soldier and Scholar Bookshop Castlemaine and Mount Alexander Shire Council is open for 2020.

In the Junior Section there will be three categories and prizes on offer. The sections are; Grade 2 and under, Grade 6 and under and Year 10 and under. There will also be awards for Highly Commended and Commended Poems.

Mount Alexander Shire Council is sponsoring the three junior prizes with the winner of each section to receive a trophy and $50 book voucher.

Selected entries, including the winning poems, will be published in the Castlemaine Mail.

Entries can be submitted via email to , mailed to 2020 Castlemaine Poetry Prize, 29 Templeton Street, Castlemaine, VIC 3450, or dropped into The Castlemaine Mail office at the same address.

Awards will be presented early in Term Four at a venue and date to be confirmed.



During this period of Remote and Flexible learning it’s timely to remember that with children spending more time online it is vital to keep them cyber safe.

For Parents

For kids



A reminder that if you were unable to meet during the scheduled times in previous weeks, please use Xuno to contact your child’s teacher to arrange an alternative WebEx meeting.



Students in Year 4-6 have been invited to complete the survey as they are every year. The annual survey has been held back until now and includes some questions to cover remote and flexible learning. Please encourage your child in the Senior Learning Community to participate. All parents/carers of 4-6 students have been emailed the details.



The main work is done and they look terrific, as does the refurbished kitchen. Now it’s the clean-up, and with all the rain we’ve had there’s mud everywhere.  

  • Interiors ready for use
  • Decking on all buildings is finished and being stained

We can’t wait to move in.



Our biggest challenge at the moment is meeting but we can do this remotely using WebEx or Zoom. The sub-committees are:

  • Buildings and Grounds- Blair Venn, Fiona Johnston, Helen Weir, Simon Butler, Al Farley, Edd Blaise, Richard Goonan
  • Community Engagement- Suzanne Kinnersly, Renae Wilson, Helen Kaptein, Simon Duthie
  • Wellbeing- Kacey Sinclair, Belle Ganglmair, Emma Brown, Kitty Ward, Suzanne Kinnersly
  • Fundraising- Fiona Johnston, Bianca Alvarez Harris, Karen Mahoney, Emma Brown, Shera Blaise, Rhani Dean-Talbot, 
  • Sustainability- Terry Willis, Fiona Johnston, Bianca Alvarez Harris
  • Finance- Suzanne Kinnersly, Karen Mahoney, Kitty Ward, Helen Weir

If you’d like to join one of these committees please email and we’ll invite you to the next remote meeting.



Ben C – 12 in the third week of August

Winter – 6 in the third week of August

Atticus J – 10 in the third week of August

Ellie - 10 in the third week of August

Aurora – 8 in the fourth week of August

Loretta - 10 in the fourth week of August

Bronwyn - in the fourth week of August


Hip Hip:  Hooray

Hip Hip:  Hooray

Hooray: Hip Hip



Thank you so much to the parents who sent testimonials for the website! They have now been published online. Monte Macpherson has done a fabulous job, creating a virtual tour from our photo collection which we shared on Social Media and can now be seen on the Winters Flat PS home page. Yesterday we launched the Prep movie on the website created by Bianca, Fiona and Renae with photographs by Anne Neath and Annette Ruzicka. It does make me proud to be principal of such a wonderful school and have the opportunity to showcase what we have to offer.

We are keen to create a brochure promoting the school and would welcome your input if you’d like to be involved. Please email


Suzanne Kinnersly



2021 Prep Enrolments

If you have a child starting school next year, please contact the office for an Enrolment Pack. We are starting to plan our classes for next year now and need to know numbers.


Book Club

Book Club Issue 6 is out now.  All orders and payments to be made online through the following link:

If would like a hard copy of the issue delivered in your next child's next 'drop off pack', please email the office.


Remote Learning Photos

We would love you to send us photos of your child/children completing their Remote Learning, if you are happy for us to share in the newsletter and on our socials. These pictures can be sent through to our school email: 

Below are some great photos that have already been sent in.

The junior students have been doing lots of reading, writing, maths, gardening, cooking and arts and crafts.

A lot of fantastic work was completed by Grade 6 students also this fortnight.From setting up work spaces, letters to Cobbers, Author studies and toilet paper hat challenges, to creating, book covers, comic strips, drop boxes and storywriting.


Karen Mahoney & Renae Wilson


Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD)


Dear staff, parents and carers,

The Disability Standards for Education 2005 are currently being reviewed by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

As part of the 2020 review, an extensive community consultation process is currently underway to seek feedback about whether the standards are effective or if any improvements can be made.

Current, former and prospective students with disability, their families and carers, advocates, educators, and other members of the public are invited to share their experiences, views and ideas to inform the review of the standards.

Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, engagement activities will mostly be held online via a dedicated 2020 review Consultation Hub. The hub offers a range of different ways that participants can share their views and ideas, and will be open until 11.59pm on Friday 25 September.

A series of webinars is also available for interested participants to share their experiences and opinions.

The webinars will be fully accessible, and will include Auslan translation and captioning. The webinars are open to the public, and each will have a different theme. These are:

For more information about the upcoming webinars visit the frequently asked questions page.

A discussion paper has been developed with guiding questions to help interested participants have their say.

For more information email

Dear parents and carers,

On Tuesday 25 August, the Department of Education and Training is presenting a free webinar for parents and carers by renowned child psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, on building family resilience during coronavirus (COVID-19).

Parents and carers play a vital role in helping children feel safe through uncertain times.

Dr Carr-Gregg’s webinar is aptly named Managing the Coronacoaster – Tips for building resilient families in the coronavirus era.

In this webinar, Dr Carr-Gregg provides tools and strategies for parents and carers to help manage the lockdown and remote learning. Topics include:

  • your supportive role
  • setting the emotional tone
  • focusing on what you can control
  • how to deal with disappointment
  • further resources and where to get help.

Dr Carr-Gregg’s presentation will run for 45 minutes. This will be followed by a 15-minute question-and-answer session in which parents and carers can ask Dr Carr-Gregg questions.

Webinar details

  • When: Tuesday 25 August
  • Time: 7:30pm
  • Duration: 45-minute presentation followed by 15-minute questions and answers session
  • Format: online via Webex
  • Cost: free

How to register

To register and for more information visit the Managing the Coronacoaster – Tips for building resilient families in the coronavirus era eventbrite page.

Dear families,

Talking to some parents over the past few weeks whilst in stage three restrictions, we  discussed ways to support  wellbeing and mental health.  The common theme was that juggling working from home,  remote learning, parenting and other life matters can become overwhelming and stressful, layered with uncertainties that the pandemic brings. Some parents noted that being in the second round of remote learning brings some familiarity which can be comforting and reassuring as it has been done before and at the same time it can also be daunting, tiring and stressful. Below are a few links which give tips related to coping with the isolation, supporting mental health and working and parenting from home.

Also, please feel free to call me on 0475 801 424 or email me on a Monday or Tuesday from 9am-2.30pm. We can also set up a webex session if that is preferred.


Beyond Blue

Coping with isolation and being at home, working from home as a parent or carer


Head to Health

Managing mental health and financial stress during COVID-19


Beyond Blue

Ways to look after your mental health in isolation and being at home


Raising Children’s Network

Coronavirus tips to manage distancing or self-isolation and keeping children entertained.


Take care,


Wellbeing Officer


P/1 J | Perryn F

For showing Care for self by working hard during remote learning to work on his hand writing and create amazing stories. Also, for creating the deadliest home delivery box full of dangerous cobras!


P/1 J | Winter S

For showing Care for Self and Others by always bringing her bubbly enthusiasm to our class Webex meetings and sharing her thoughts. Thank you Winter for your positive attitude and contributions.


1/2 A | Archie S

For showing Care for Self by making a great effort to complete his Home Learning activities. Thanks for all the great photos, Archie and Emily!


1/2A | Polly T

For showing Care for Self by working on improving her skills and confidence during our morning WebExes. Keep up the great effort, Polly!


2/3W | Evie M

For showing Care for Self by showing determination and commitment to your learning- especially reading. Keep it up Evie.


2/3W | Jimmy B

For showing Care for Self by showing commitment to your learning by completing tasks during remote learning. Well done Jimmy.



Archie K

For showing Care for Self. Well done Archie on being resilient and overcoming obstacles. You are showing great strength in working on your “can do” attitude. Keep it up.


Detroit V

For showing Care for Self. Well done on making the hard choices. You should be proud of your efforts and willingness to give things a go. You are showing great maturity in the decisions you are making. Well done.


Levi M

For showing Care of Self. Levi, you have been working hard learning new words, reading and writing. You have shown resilience in your learning. Well done Levi! You can feel proud of your achievement.


Chase-Lee D

For showing Care of Self. Chase-Lee you have been awesome! In the classroom you have done all the things I have asked you to. You have been organised and well mannered – remembering to ask for permission and accepting when I say ‘maybe’ or ‘no’. Well done!


Sally P

For showing Care of Others and Care of self. Sally you’ve shown great care for others in our class when you have helped them. It was very kind of you. I’ve been really impressed with the way you have made good choices in the classroom, being aware of your own needs. Well done!


Lincon V

For showing Care of Others.  Lincon thank you for the flowers you have given me. You have shown kindness and thoughtfulness. I often see you caring for your friends in the classroom and on the playground. Thank you Lincon – well done!


The whole of 6B

My, my, my guys- what a truly WONDERFUL WONDERFUL job you have been doing. From setting up your work spaces and daily work routines at home, to getting stuck into your work tasks on Google Classroom. I have been seeing some fantastic work samples and photos being posted. My hat goes off to you.

I asked everybody to "Be positive, Get involved and Do your Best"- thank you, you are, congratulations!


All activities for Remote Learning are available on our website here.

Children and families can also get involved with 'Kitchen Garden Program at Home with Coles' which features some great videos of recipes being cooked by chefs.

Remember, all our recipes are available on our school website, so you can try them at home.



Jane & Terry
Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden