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FLAT CHAT | 3rd June 2020

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FLAT CHAT | 3rd June 2020


Next Tuesday 9th June is the return date for students in Year 3 – Year 6. There is a letter being sent to parents from the SLC teachers this afternoon.

New school arrival and departure times

  • Prep – 3 (JLC)

Arrive 8.55am (normal start time)

Students please use the gate at the Basketball Court

Students in Years 4-6 with younger siblings in the JLC – Please use gate near office.

Depart 3.15pm (normal finish time)

  • Year 4 – 6 (SLC) 

Arrive 9.15am (those who do not have younger siblings)–please use gate near office

Depart 3.30pm

The school cleaning team is already working additional hours to meet the standards required.

As we’ve already established, children will not be required to socially distance from each other but staff members will. We continue to encourage everyone to respect personal space and try be aware of 1.5 metres distancing whenever possible and practical.

Parents are advised that they are still not be able to enter the school grounds with their children and we are continuing to promote a quick drop off and pick up with minimal gathering, as endorsed by health authorities.

To assist we will have extra staff meeting and greeting at the school gates. For parents who need to come on site, attendance at the office by prior arrangement is required.

To ease congestion at the busy drop off and pick up times we request parents stay in the car and make space available as soon as you can move away.

Which entrance should I use?

Prep – Year 2 Students are encouraged to use the gate near the basketball court, while students in Years 3-6 use the main gate near the office.

We have adjusted the start time for senior students who do not have siblings to the later time of 9.15am and their day will end at 3.30pm.

It is very important to note that children and staff who are unwell must not attend school.



The Department of Education and Training and Winters Flat PS are seeking feedback about the experience families have had with WFPS during the period of remote and flexible learning.

Please consider completing this survey as we are very interested in your opinion.

  • The survey will be conducted online and should take 10 minutes to complete.
  • The survey can be completed on any internet enabled device (desktop or laptop computer, tablet, smartphone) and is compatible with most browsers.
  • The survey will be open until Friday 26 June 2020.


Students Year 4-6 can access the survey here:

School Name: Winters Flat Primary School

School PIN: 7533


Parents can access the survey here:

School Name: Winters Flat Primary School

School PIN: 310546



Winters Flat PS has been named as a finalist in the categories of Community Leadership and Curriculum Leadership.  You can watch the online ceremony live hosted by Sammy J. The link will be available on the website on Friday from 11.00am-11.30am. Special thanks to Terry for all his work in helping the school achieve this.



  • Oakview has been emptied and will be demolished next week – asbestos to be removed this weekend – no one permitted onsite.
  • The Kitchen will be remodelled with a new external façade – due for completion by end of July - Week 2 Term 3
  • The modular sections of both the new multi-purpose room and the new Art room are due for delivery on Monday 6th July – completion date by mid-August.



With the building works commencing next week, the Kitchen will be out of action until early Term 3. Classes have been postponed until the newly refurbished Kitchen re-opens.



Arlo – 8 in the last week of May

Kaelyn – 7 in the last week of May

Katie K – had a birthday in the last week of May

Saskia – 9 in the first week of June

Caleb – 12 in the first week of June

Abigail P – 10 in the first week of June

Jennifer - had a birthday in the first week of June


Hip Hip:  Hooray

Hip Hip:  Hooray

Hooray: Hip Hip

Suzanne Kinnersly




Sushi Orders to return

Sushi orders will return when all the students have transitioned back to school.  The dates of the Sushi orders will be:

  • Friday 12th June
  • Friday 19th June
  • Friday 26th June (last day of Term 2)

Remember that all Sushi orders are now done online at with orders needing to be placed by 5pm on Thursday. 


School Crossing Supervisor Hours

Starting next Tuesday 9th June to accomodate for staggered start and finish times:

Johnstone Street - 8.30am to 9.15am and 3.15pm to 3.55pm.

Ray Street - 8.35am to 9.15am and 3.15pm to 3.55pm.


P-2 Return to school

Some great photos of our P-2 students enjoying being back at school with their friends.


Book Club- Issue 4

Order by Monday 15th June (or earlier due to current delays at Australia Post).

A PDF version of Issue 4 is available here


Victorian Premiers Reading Challenge

Visit the link on our website here to read all about this years challenge. 


Karen Mahoney & Renae Wilson



P/1 J | Nova B

For showing Care for Self by independently working in class and whizzing through activities. Super effort!

P/1 J | Ella H

For showing Care for Self by completing learning tasks to a high standard. Keep up the great efforts!

1/2 A | Lola G

For showing Care for Self by showing great confidence and initiative in the Kitchen last week. Thank you for being so kind and encouraging to your partners Lola!

1/2A | Xzavier G

For showing Care for Self by making a great start back at school. Well done on following instructions and having a go at all tasks Xzav- we're so proud of you!

2/3W | All Grade 2 students 

For showing Care for Self by being so flexible and adapting to different classrooms and situations since returning to school. Well done everyone!


2/3W | All Grade 3 students

For showing Care for Self by demonstrating an outstanding effort in all home learning- especially animal reports and independent projects. Congratulations everyone!


Arki S

For showing Care for Self and Others by being an awesome contributor to class Webex meetings. Arki has been on time for the whole term, contributing to discussions with a smile and cheerful attitude. Thank you Arki!


Zahyra W

For showing Care for Self and Others by coming to meetings ready to contribute with a great attitude. Your work is always outstanding. Well done!


Zeno D

For showing Care for Self by displaying great dedication in completing his project on spiders. It was amazing to see how you went the extra mile and completed it to such a high standard for someone who is in Year 4. Well Done Zeno!!


Malakai C

For showing great Care for Self by taking the time to create an amazing piece of work on Marvel comic characters. Well done for following your passion and turning it into an amazing learning opportunity. I am so proud of you! Great work.


Oslan S

Wow Oslan- thankyou for sharing your wonderful enthusiasm for drawing. What amazing pieces you are creating and fantastic skills that you are developing. You have been so focused and organised during our online time. Thank you Oslan, great job!


Eliza P and Lila D

Girls, my hat goes off to you!! What a BRILLIANT job you did communicating and collaborating on your vaccine research task. No easy task when unable to meet face to face. I am So impressed with the skills that you have displayed and developed! GREAT WORK! Thank you for your efforts



Milla, the effort and skill that you have been putting into your work is above and beyond. Your work pieces are absolutely beautiful and are a great reflection of the time and creativity that you put into them. Your Australian Alphabet is one I am sure you will value into the future. Great work. Thank you.

Action for Happiness

Action for Happiness is an movement  committed to building a happier and more caring society.

They are providing monthly calenders to support this – see 'Joyful June (even in difficult times)' for some inspiration.


National Reconciliation Week

Reconciliation Australia has developed a website, 'Share Our Pride', which gives a glimpse of of how life looks from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspective. You'll get a taste of traditional cultures and learn about our shared history. Share our Pride is designed to take you on an awareness raising journey and answers some of the questions such as;
Who are the First Australians?
What special connection do we have with the land?
Why does the past matter today and why cant we just put it behind?
What are some of our strengths, victories and joys?
How have our people contributed to Australia today?


Take care,


Wellbeing Officer


Below are the activities for Week 8 and Week 9.

Please note that due to demolition of the Kitchen, students will not be cooking after this week until further notice.

Students will be participating in other activities with Jane during cooking time.

Recipes are still available on the website here if parents and students wish to cook at home still.


Week 8

Warm beetroot and herb salad

Stephanie’s simple poached fruit and crumble

Kitchen herb pots


Week 9


Soft taco shells

Salad of the imagination

Sprouting seeds for salads


Jane & Terry

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Thank you for all the great photos sent in over the Remote Learning period :)







We are one of the finalists!!!