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FLAT CHAT | 22nd April 2020

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FLAT CHAT | 22nd April 2020


With each new day we are all discovering what it means to deliver remote and flexible learning. I have included the following extract from an article written by Narissa Leung, former colleague and principal of Campbells Creek PS who is now a literacy consultant and hosts the webpage and blog: Oz Lit Teacher.


I would like to say that from the school’s perspective we recognise those big words in the cloud like frustrating, challenging, exhausting, hard and interesting are what many of you are experiencing at home and I agree with Narissa that if we were to pose the question to teachers, the word cloud would be almost identical.

Here at school this week I have seen an amazing amount of energy from staff going into planning, preparing and delivering the new program. That includes some teachers and support staff delivering packs of materials directly to student homes. I have also seen parents who, despite the challenges of having multiple children trying to access simultaneous WebEx conferences (with the internet dropping out), are still taking the time to make contact and show an appreciation of the effort as well as resilience to the setbacks and challenges.

My overriding message is try not to worry and do keep in touch and stay connected with school.

The WebEx schedule has been organised to minimise clashes and is a daily opportunity for children to see the teacher and their class.

We will continue to provide a framework to ensure a daily program of literacy, numeracy, play-based learning and physical activity for students in Prep to Year 3, with a broadening of learning to include other key learning areas and capabilities in Year 4-6. The time allocation for school-based learning at home will range from 2.5 hours to 4 hours per day based on your child’s year level. Specialist teachers will continue to provide weekly or fortnightly learning options.

As monitoring attendance is still a requirement, teachers will be marking the roll based on your child’s participation in the daily program and may check in with you if there hasn’t been any contact. If your child is absent or unable to participate on a given day, just let us know.

Also a reminder that all work being sent home is available on the Teaching and Learning tab on the Winters Flat school website.



Normally we would have had an assembly on Monday and sung Happy Birthday! to the following students:

Lillian D –12 in the last week of March

Luca V – 9 in the first week of April

Oliver K – 7 in the second week of April

Seth B – 9 in the second week of April

Polly T – 8 in the third week of April

Ryan B – 12 in the third week of April

Bonnie S – 8 in the third week of April

Monty A – 11 in the fourth week of April


Hip Hip:  Hooray

Hip Hip:  Hooray

Hooray: Hip Hip



If you haven’t visited school or driven past lately the building site is being prepared for the new Art Room with a proposed completion by July.



Today I have sent a session planner home for the students in Prep – Year 3 which is also available on the website. I will send the senior session home next week. Thanks to Renae for sharing a fun dance - Young Dylan dance along: and some others on Go Noodle -


During this period of Remote Learning, email will be our main form of communication so please ensure you are checking this often.


School playground equipment

Please be advised that all school playground equipment is currently closed and should not be used.


Drinking water

It is recommended that students who must attend school don’t drink directly from drinking fountains at this time and instead bring their own water bottle for use (and refilling) at school.



During this Remote Learning period, we are still required by law to keep attendance record of all students.
Each day, each student's teacher will be making contact. If the student does not respond to their teacher by 9am the next morning, they will be marked 'unexplained'. In this instance, you will receive an SMS, as per our normal attendance procedures.

If you could please support the school by ensuring you are logging onto XUNO/Webex/email every day and engaging with the teacher.
Alternatively, please log your child/ren's absence each morning through our usual channels (phone call, XUNO, email, schoolzine) if they will not be participating in online learning for the day.


Resources on school website

Please remember that all resources for Remote Learning are available on the school's website via this link:
Once you are on the website, navigate to 'Teaching and learning' and then 'Learning from home'. Information/resources that are available currently are:
-From the Principal
-JLC Community (P/3) weekly planners and resources
-6B weekly planners and resources
-4/5H weekly planners and resources
-4/5L weekly planners and resources
-Wellbeing resources
-French activities
-Physical Education activities
-SAKG activities
-Art activities
-Performing Arts activities

These pages are updated often so you can always access these pages for activities/lessons for your child/ren to complete. Art resources will also be added soon.


Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic- Book Club
Students are still able to order from book club and have the order sent directly to their house for $5.99 postage.

Please see the following link for details:


Karen Mahoney & Renae Wilson


Wellbeing resources



*Below is an article about how mindfulness can help during these times.

*This resource provides information and strategies for parents to provide ongoing support to their children in the days and weeks after a traumatic event.

*Parents, as well as their children, can be affected by a crisis in different ways. This Community Trauma Toolkit provides support strategies and resources to access during and after a traumatic event.

*This Red Cross resource has some useful tips for parents of young children to build skills for recovery after a crisis event.

*With many students learning at home, parents and carers can find some great tips in this online safety kit from the eSafety Commissioner.

*Parents will find some practical advice for talking to their children about COVID-19.

*Visit the Department of Health for accurate advice about COVID-19.



What is gratitude?

Gratitude is being thankful and appreciating the things in life that support us to feel well and happy. It is also about being grateful for the challenges in life that help us to learn about ourselves and others. Gratitude doesn’t mean we should ignore difficult times and crisis situations such as COVID 19, however practicing gratitude helps us to create good memories to support our wellbeing.

Why practice gratitude?

Research has shown that practicing gratitude helps to increase our wellbeing. Some benefits include;

  • Increase in feelings of happiness
  • Helps us to cope with tough times
  • Supports feelings of connection with friends and family
  • Supports good physical health

Students to practice gratitude as a form of connection during COVID 19

Whether we are learning from home or school during COVID 19 one of the biggest changes is the lack of physical social connection. For some this is tougher than others, however we are all in it together.

 As a way for the children to connect to themselves and with others we will be creating a gratitude collage which involves each student to draw/write about a situation or person that they are thankful for.

Each student will receive the collective gratitude collage via email or you can request a laminated copy to be sent to your home for display!



  1. Think about something or someone you are grateful for, something that made you smile or that you are thankful for.
  2. Draw a picture and or write words/story on a piece of paper to express your gratitude. Some examples could be, I am grateful for;
  • My dog as he plays with me
  • The bright colours of flowers
  • My sister who makes me laugh
  • Being healthy
  • Spending more time with my family
  • The sunshine
  1. Once the picture is completed please take a photograph of it.
  2. P-3 and Marie’s students email to by Friday May 1st 

Karen and Keenan’s class can either email the photograph or put the picture into the drop box by Friday 1st May.

Thanks for joining in on the Gratitude Collage :)


Take care,


Wellbeing Officer

**Please note Belle's working days will be Mondays and Tuesdays commencing 6th May**


P/1 J | Rex S

For showing Care for Self by putting in a fantastic effort to complete Maths learning tasks in a home learning environment. Keep up the great work!

P/1 J | Ryan P

For showing Care for Self working hard to complete Writing tasks in a home learming environment and putting in his best effort. You should be proud of yourself!

1/2 A | Whole class

For showing Care for Self by showing an incredible ability to adapt and make the best of our strange, new home learning environment. You’re all amazing!


2/3W | Suzie M and Lucinda K

For showing Care for Self by taking their home learning seriously and working hard on all tasks. Keep it up, you’re doing a fantastic job (and your parents!)



4/5H | Abi P and Arki S

For showing Care for self by working dilgently on their schoolwork, sinch the start of term, whilst maintaining a positive attitude.


4/5L | Whole class

 For showing Care for Self by showing great resilience, care, and respect for themselves and me. I could not be prouder of the way you all have taken remote learning on board and adjusted without and hesitations. Thank you all for being so awesome!


6B | All of the Students and Parents

For showing Care for Self and Others. Thank you all SOOOOOO much for your organisation, participation, co operation and patience in getting our Remote Learning from home plans up and running. Students, your focus during whole class and small group catchup/workshops has been fantastic and I have been learning many things from you, thank you. Please give your Parents/Carers a big hug of thanks for the assistance they have been providing to get you organised and online.

Keep up the GREAT work!!



Below are the activities for the first 2 weeks of Remote Learning. These can also be found on the school website.


Week 1 Activities

Tomato and Basil sauce


Anzac biscuits



Week 2 Activities

Basil pesto

Basic gnocchi

Seasonal fruit platter

Planting: Direct sowing seeds


Jane & Terry
Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Below are some wonderful pictures shared that show all the great set ups and all the lovely work students are completing! Feel free to keep sending them in to the school email :)

Coughs, Colds and Asthma

Coughs, colds and the flu are one of the most common triggers of asthma. The common cold is caused by an upper respiratory tract infection and is a common illness for children and adults in Australia. As we approach the colder months, here are some tips to keep in mind to prevent and reduce the spread of coughs, colds and the flu:


  • Avoid coughing and sneezing on or near others and wash your hands thoroughly to prevent the spread of disease.
  • If your child is not feeling well, it is recommended that they stay home and rest, to reduce the spread of infections and to speed up their recovery process.
  • Everyone should have the annual flu vaccination to ensure they are protected from this disease. You or your child may be eligible for the free flu vaccination. Details about who is eligible can be found here and can also be determined by your doctor.
  • Prior to purchasing any medications or herbal and natural remedies’, you should seek the advice of your doctor or pharmacist as some medications can react with asthma medications. Such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen/Naproxen (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications), Beta Blockers tablet and eye drops (used for high blood pressure and glaucoma), and ACE inhibitors (used to control blood pressure).


Asthma First Aid App

The Asthma First Aid App is your go-to tool for an asthma emergency. It covers both first aid in the event of an asthma emergency, plus the ability to review each of the four first aid steps.

This app is an educational tool developed by Asthma Australia for people with asthma, their families and carers. It provides easy access to the asthma first aid steps in both live and training versions.

The app is perfect for family, friends, school, childcare, sport and recreation and allows you to:

  • follow the asthma first aid steps live in ATTACK mode
  • learn the asthma first aid steps in training review mode
  • review the asthma first aid steps, using a sample of scenarios, in training scenario mode


Kiss My Asthma App

The Kiss My Asthma App is an app for young people, developed by young people. The app was developed by the University of Sydney with funding from Asthma Australia’s National Research Fund.

The app features:

  • access to your Asthma Action Plan
  • the ability to track your asthma symptoms, severity and attacks, making it easy to inform your doctor or specialist accurately about your asthma
  • mood tracker
  • setting goals and receive support from one of the app’s monster assistants
  • reminders to take your asthma preventer medications
  • Asthma First Aid instructions and emergency contacts
  • finding out more about asthma, asthma medications and devices, and managing anxiety

These apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


For more information, please contact The Asthma Foundation of Victoria on 1800 278 462 or



Theme: Mental Health Matters


The Mental Health Foundation Australia is organising its inaugural Australian Young Writers - Creative Writing Competition open to all the Australian students in their primary or secondary years.

The terms and conditions are attached below





Coming to you LIVE from the Shrine

This Anzac Day, we call on you to #standto to honour the service of Australia’s defence forces, past and present. From your driveway, balcony, or within your home, let us all 'stand to' in shared reflection at 6am. The meaning of this important day endures as we #lightupthedawn with our Anzac spirit.
As you #standto we will be continuing in our unbroken tradition of laying a wreath to honour the service and sacrifice of so many. Join us virtually on Saturday 25 April as our live stream takes you into the heart of Shrine, the Sanctuary, to bring you the 2020 Dawn Service from 5.50am. This year’s Dawn Service is held behind closed doors but is open to all. Our live streamed service will ensure that all who serve, past and present, will never be forgotten. 

Join our live stream event and #standto for our Anzacs. Click here.